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Photos, HODAKA DAYS 2004 -- Scrambles, part 2

First segment of photos on this page are from Ed Chesnut, and the comments also; used with permission. Ed's help in funneling material for this website is MUCH appreciated! Check back, though, as some others have promised MORE photos and commentaries ...

Added as of Wednesday, June 30: Photos by the Vercellas toward bottom of page. Also, check out added Scrambles WINNER photos by Ed Chesnut at Winners List.

Kenny Olsen (above, in front) is tough and skillful! He rode a Combat Wombat to 2nd place in the Expert Class in the Observed Trials and then campaigned very well on a Road Toad with lights and stock tires in the Scrambles. His cornering was smooth – he always closed the door on the following rider – and the straights just weren’t long enough or rough enough to allow the lighter more powerful Super Rats to get by before the door got slammed shut again! (The name of the Super Rat rider is being withheld to protect the innocent.)

(above left) Lee Fabry on his trick Super Combat. (above right) Steve Mitchell on his tried and true old blue. It has never let him down (and that’s a quote!).

(above left) Bill Grubin leading Greg Bastek in the Grand Prix event (but not for much longer). There were several “duels” going on in the Grand Prix! (above right) Iron barrel Wombat, #67, with rider Gene Cannady, who raced Hodakas back in the 60's. He won many races back in his days. His wife Rebecca reports that he "rode in the ISDT and even raced the BAJA 1000 and won it 3 times in his class and 1 time overall! He hadn't raced in 20 years, is 63 years old and came in 2nd in this race!"

Greg Bastek (above) blasting the southwest corner on a Super Rat; and (below) accepting the 2004 "King Hodaka" crown as Grand Champion of Scrambles.

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