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PHOTOS, HODAKA DAYS 2004 -- SATURDAY CONTINUED -- Field Meet Games, Service School, and Miscellany

Eric Smith and Phil Britton did their usual great job of keeping the field meet games moving along, making contestants wheel to the rules (even when there was waffling over what exactly the rules WERE), and reducing spectators to a mixture of fascinated attention and helpless laughter. There was a disqualification made for a team having spit on the wooden ball during the spoon race (shame!!).

The backward riding technique -- henceforth to be known as The Pomeroy Mode -- during the bottle race was quickly adopted by other riders. But nobody else could emulate the Jeff Hackett strategy during the barrel race; it was truly unique ... a lift-and-pop method never before seen!

At Service School, Part 2, George Cone, Jim Gentry, Roger Lippiatt and others again delved into finer points of mechanical how-to, attracting quite a crowd.

Kids played, the swimming pool was open, folks relaxed in shade and sun, huckleberry ice cream and beer-battered deep fry asparagus sales were booming, and in general it was a full but relaxing day, with a lot of chatting, smiling, wandering, and just watching.

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