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PHOTOS, HODAKA DAYS 2004 -- Friday, June 25th

Things got really busy on Friday, with vendor set-ups and workshops. Between 30 and 40 people attended the Service School demonstrating hands-on how-to of mechanics, led by George Cone, Roger Lippiatt, with Ed Chesnut and Chuck Swanson chiming in. About the same number gathered for the Lee Fabry workshop on restoration techniques. A few of Fabry's hints included:

At Jay Lael's trials riding workshop, about 25 people stood in the hot sun and didn't mind a bit, as they watched Jay prove his reputation is well deserved. He demonstrated, for example, that there's times in trials to take a 'good dab' -- one that makes the bike maneuvers work for you on the line. His demonstrated 'good dab' involved a quick foot down and a 180 degree nearly-in-the-air turn! Jay had a short course line laid out and walked folks through a preview analysis to chart one's intended ride. He also demonstrated full momentum coming into a vertical incline, and then 'coasting up.' Lots of throttle tweaking and constant body weight shifts ...

Showing an exercise to learn 'wheelies' as good preparation for the 'bunny hop' Jay started off with leaping the bike over a ... water bottle! "Look ma, no dents!" Then he moved right up to a grouping of sizable logs. And -- with judicious loans of bikes and helmets among participants -- several got to try this technique.

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