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Way back last November, the planning for Hodaka Days 2004 began at Harry and Patty Taylor's house over pizza and homemade pies. Among those present were Paul Stannard, the Taylors, Eric Beaver, Dennis Jones (representing Athena PARTNERS group), Patti Dunn (City Recorder), Ed Chesnut, Kit and Dilia Vercella, Chuck Swanson, Eric Smith, Tim and Joanie Heihn, Scott Mayberry, Janet Mandaville, and Al Pedro.
Scott Mayberry Dilia Vercella, Al Pedro, Ed Chesnut Eric Smith, Tim Heihn, Chuck Swanson
Chuck Swanson, Dennis Jones, Tim Heihn Kit Vercella

Emails flew, phones rang off the hook, people scurried, flyers went up, Scrambles track was prepped, a nationwide flurry of chrome polishing and last-minute battery/spark plug/brake/clutch replacements hit, press releases went out, MORE phone calls, occasional panic.... and FINALLY:


Sadly, Mildred Miley was not in attendance this year as she has been in the past, as she passed away earlier this week. Many, however, were thinking of her and her active participation and interest in past years.

Mildred Miley, Mrs. Hodaka, parade marshall of past Hodaka Days, and her driver, Athena resident Janet Miller

And the early birds started streaming into Athena, gathering on Thursday evening the 24th for a potluck and some lie-swapping at the hospitable Taylors.

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