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The first several photos, captions, and notes have been supplied by Ed Chesnut; Mike Falcioni provided the picture of Rich Gagnon's trial bike; Stu Osborn then sent in several photos to add. All are used with permission.

Jay Lael’s TC-2 (Trials Competition – 2) custom Hodaka Trialer (photo above left). A modern Montesa trials machine was referenced in setting up the steering geometry. Reed valve induction. Hand built 1.5” dia. header pipe, front fender brackets, seat and chain tensioner (see photo on right above). Aftermarket shocks and fuel tank (Wassel). Virtually EVERYTHING else is Hodaka! It HAD to be a “take a deep breath moment” in the seconds before whacking the tank badge depressions into that Wassel tank! Rumor has it that Jay is hatching a plot to build another trials machine using nearly all modern chassis suspension components with a Hodaka engine!

Lee Fabry’s Super Combat with “one-off” mainshaft mounted clutch (above photo, right). Lee had a custom (long) mainshaft manufactured but produced the custom clutch cover/actuator himself. Radial fin head. Note the lightening holes in the side panel washers!

Stu Osborn contributed the photos below and sent along the comments.

Included above are Steve Mitchell's race bikes. His trick late Super Rat, his "tried and true Old Blue" Super Combat on which he ran the TT Scrambles, his Super Combat show bike and his first Predator project. Steve was more than happy to discuss the merits and differences of each of his bikes with anyone who passed by and even though there was overnight security in the Park, he curled up in a sleeping bag next to them every night. Can you blame him???

Mitchell's Predator won top honors at the Bike Show. One shot is of Steve and Roger Lippiatt discussing how the bike was built and the relative merits of black rims!! "No, the Super Combat frame is NOT the same as the Combat Wombat frame!! I keep telling people that the shock mounts are different!"

For files of original images, please contact Hodaka Days. All material on this website is covered by umbrella of copyright of June 2004 by JHM Associates.
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