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The following websites will have latest information for 2009 programming as planning proceeds; therefore, this website is going to leave the information and links in place for previous years for people to reference for general logistics and memories.

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Hodaka Days 2008 -- June 19-22 included a trail ride reminiscent of the 1970's Bad Rock ride, observed trials, scrambles, bike show, field games, parade, raffle of a super-duper bike restored by members of the Hodaka Owners Club under the aegis of the Athena Library Friends Association , and all the usual tall tale telling ...

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About one year ago, Mike Perrett began preparing a 175 cc Hodaka for a ride from Rouseville, Pennsylvania to Hodaka Days 2008 (June 19 – 22) in Athena, Oregon. The overall trip will cover about 2400 miles.

Perrett, a seasoned rider, planned to cover an average of 300 miles per day staying on state roads rather than Interstates.

The bike is outfitted with a reserve fuel tank and a windshield. Perrett built the engine himself, to Hodaka specs, with advice from Strictly Hodaka’s Paul Stannard located in Rhode Island and award-winning veteran Hodaka rider Harry Taylor of Athena. Perrett is getting about 70 miles on his primary tank and 60 on the reserve tank.

He kept his plans secret from all but a few until just a couple days before he left Rouseville on Tuesday morning, June 10th. In his mid-50s, Perrett is described by friends as a “man of few words.” He has said, after some days on the road, that if there is any award for someone riding a Hodaka the farthest to Hodaka Days 2008, he “hopes the prize is a pillow.” He also admitted that each time he gets off the bike and back on, he wonders if he is “too old for this.”



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Now online is a PHOTO SAMPLER plus comments and links to other photos from Mid-Ohio. Thanks to everyone who has contributed photos.

Contact Strictly Hodaka to check on availability and/or ordering.

PHOTOS are now ONLINE for Hodaka Days West 2006 (someone has dubbed this Hodaka Days Lite!!). Click HERE to see those pictures.


Thursday Evening

Friday People and Events

Saturday Hodaka Parade photos

Bike Show and Winners List

Saturday park activities photos

Saturday Field Games and Observed Trials (with Winner Lists)

Sunday Scrambles

Photos From Stu Osborn

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Wrap-up, photos, commentary, and links from 2004 HODAKA DAYS.

ODE TO HODAKAS -- author/film maker Starr's excellent summary of Hodaka and PABATCO history.

Article by Ray Ryan, originally published in VMX Magazine, traces the Hodaka phenonmenon in Australia.

Interview with Paul Stannard of Strictly Hodaka at McCook Racing.

For general Hodaka information and other details, see Strictly Hodaka website.

For info on a most helpful Hodaka Owners group on Yahoo, see Owners Group Info.

Check out an interview with Phil Ketchum, moderator of the Hodaka Owners group. Or check out a popular Hodaka Forum.

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